Reverend Doug Klukken is a photographer’s dream officiant

Reverend Doug Klukken is a photographer’s dream officiant

By: Paul Grolla of Grolla’s Photography

Photography is a big part of every wedding ceremony.  Reverend Doug Klukken realizes this and works in very subtle ways to move around the wedding venue to allow both your friends and family as well as your photographer great opportunities to see various parts of the ceremony.  Many wedding officiants take center stage directly behind the wedding couple and rarely move.  This places them in the center of every altar picture.  It often places the wedding couple with their sides or worse, their backs, toward the people in attendance including the photographer.

Throughout various portions of the ceremony Reverend Doug Klukken walks out down the center aisle and addresses the couple.  This give everyone in attendance a great view and affords your photographer an opportunity to get some great altar shots during the ceremony of just the bridal couple.

We have photographed a lot of weddings and have always found his attire, movement and reverence for the marriage ceremony to be extremely professional.


As the bride walks down the aisle we like to capture the look on the grooms face as he anticipates her arrival.  This is a time when your officiant needs to look professional and unobtrusive.  This is the bride’s time.


As the bride is given away Reverend Doug is genuinely engaged in the question as to “who gives this bride” and is positioned in a manner that allows us to capture the expression of both the bride and groom.


This is a very common wedding altar picture.  The bride and groom are front and center and the officiant is rear and center.  It’s nice but after 20 or 30 minutes and 100 pictures later it gets old.  With some officiants this is all you will get.  They are simply in every picture.


Look at the great difference it makes as Reverend Doug Klukken moves out up the center aisle.  The wedding party turns nicely toward him and the couple looks great on the altar all alone.


The fact that the officiant has moved allows great shots like this.


Right to the end Reverend Doug has perfect position and he gives this couple a final blessing.  He is not in focus because he is standing a few feet back from the couple and by shooting a fast lens wide open a professional photography can shoot with  a narrow depth of field and blur him just right.  This puts the emphasis on the newlyweds and not him.  If he was standing too close to the newlyweds this shot would have been impossible.

So remember as you look for your wedding officiant how they sound and what they say is only half the story.  Where they stand at various times is also very important.  This is something you should discuss beforehand with them and your photographer.


Paul Grolla

Grolla’s Photography

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